Public Companies in Buhl, Idaho  

In an effort to support local businesses in Buhl, Idaho and keep money in the local economy, below is a list of publicly traded companies that opperate in this area.

Our local Buhl, Idaho businesses employ us, our families, and our friends. Their local efforts and taxes support our community and our local government. Our community depends on their continued existence and success for the success of our community as a consequence of the local economic multiplier: money that is recycled back into the community.

Dollars spent or invested with local businesses create a multiplier effect in the local economy which, by most findings, typically amounts to three times that of a national business. A study on the economic impact of local spending concluded that only 13% of every dollar spent at a chain or franchise remained in the community, while 45% remained when spent with a hometown business.

We want you to know who your local businesses, public companies and mutual funds are, and what they have to offer. More than that, though, we want to introduce you to them, urge you to do your business with them, support them and in so doing support your local community. Everyone benefits from a strong and solid local economy.

We Support Our Local Businesses. We hope you will, too.